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Golf helps build youths self-esteem!

Positive self-esteem is the bedrock of success in life and golf is one of the very best ways a youngster can build it. Firstly, a youngster will always find an adult willing to help and encourage them even when, as in my case, my parents didn’t play. Golf helps kids set goals in relation to their score and […]

Backyard Putting Green?

So, You Want To Have a Backyard Putting Green? The ability to practice in the comfort of your home sounds appealing, but the expertise and equipment necessary to maintain a smooth, fast putting surface should not be taken lightly. Source: www.usga.org  

Golf & Friendship

The golf course is the perfect environment to make new friendships and strengthen old ones. You never know quite who you might meet on a golf course and it’s one of the easiest place in the world to make friends. Success breeds success and people who play golf are, by and large, more successful than […]

Two Kinds of Practice

1.) Practice Like you Play Regardless of what you think, the range is not always used to hit shot after shot with the same club.  More often than not, Tour Pros and top amateurs use their pre-round warmup to do exactly what is outlined below.  They simulate the round ahead and use the range to sharpen […]