The social/fun side of golf!

Mondays mean Ladies Night at The Links.   Unlike your traditional Golf Leagues, Ladies Night goes lighter on the golf/skills side of your standard golf league and heavier on the social, have a good time, and unwind side.  You choose who you want to play with and when.  There is a different game/event each week.  No rules book or handicap sheet to refer to after you’ve played, just turn in your card and we take care of the rest.  With monthly themed events, regular preferred vendor coupons, giveaways, and samples giveaways/tastings, we hope everyone goes home happy and looking forward the next Ladies Night!

Start Date:  Monday, May 6th lets celebrate Cinco de Mayo, just a day late.  Come as you are or try and win best dressed, theme dress that is.  Don’t want to dress up, no problem, we’ve got you covered, at least on the 9th Tee that is.  All women will hit from the red tees on hole #9 wearing a sombrero and poncho.  That should make for some great laughs & photos.  After you finish, just head over to El-Toro, where management has offered participants 1/2 price appetizers and drinks.  It  should be fun watching the other women from the patio while sipping on a margarita the size of a fish bowl.

Season End Date:  To be determined

League Registration:  We have waived the registration fee for the 2019 season.  All we ask is that every players register for the league by inputting their contact information directly into the scheduling app we have made for the league.  Simply type in into the search bar on your browser.  When the web-site populates, type “Ladies Night” into the search window and “Bloomington IL” into the location window.  This will bring up our Ladies Night schedule.  Then simply add your information into the required fields.

Scheduling Tee Times:   Players are responsible for making their own/groups tee times each and every week.  To make a tee time, simply visit the site and type in the search window “Ladies Night @ The Links” and “Bloomington IL” into the location window.  Once you are in our calendar, you can join other groups as a single, or make a reservation for up to 5 players for a single tee time.  When making a reservation for more than just yourself,  you must enter the names of the other players.  The online process is painless and should create opportunities for more women to play.

Text & email alerts; By registering through this app, we have the ability to communicate with each and every golfer via emails and text messages.  In other words, if the course is too wet to allow carts, or severe weather is forecast, we now have the ability to alert you before you come all the way out to the course to find out you can’t ride or we are closing the course.

Registration Deadline:  There is none.  We want women to feel welcome to join anytime.  Even if you are brand new to the game.  All women are welcome on Ladies Night at The Links!