Driving Range Hours

March-April (8am – Dusk)
May-August (7am-10pm)
September-October (8am – Dusk)

Purchase by Credit/Debit

The range is open daily from March – October.  Golf balls can be purchased, by credit or debit card, at the range ball dispenser.  Simply tap the yellow complete  button on the credit card reader to wake the machine.  To choose between a large and small bucket, simply press the complete button until the appropriate size is displayed on the LED screen on the card reader, then before it disappears from the screen swipe your card.

*Sunday & Wednesday evenings the range will close for maintenance at 7:30pm
*Monday & Thursday mornings the range will open late for mowing at 7:45am
* Hours are subject to change.
* We stop selling buckets 30 minutes prior to close.