Hunt Cup

The “Hunt Cup” is a season-long tournament comprised of 6 events.  Players earn points based on their finish in each event.  Events are both individual and partnered, and players earn points each time they participate, regardless of finishing place.  Event participation continues to grow as more people experience the relaxed atmosphere of these
quasi-competitive tournaments.  So no matter your skill level, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere when you participate in any of our “Hunt Cup” events.
$5/Fee applies to each event, but with any luck, Jeff will feed you afterward.

2017 Schedule of Events

The Short-Game Skills Contest – Saturday May 20th at 8am
Jeff has set up a course in the Short-Game Area that will not only test your short-game skills, but tax your imagination.
Bring all the clubs you may need to accomplish this test in the fewest number of strokes and you’ll be the short-game
champion and winner of the 1st Hunt Cup event.

The Pony Express – Saturday Jun 10th at 7:30am
9-holes of golf that will be scored using the Stableford format.  You will post you actual score each hole then we will use your score to determine your handicap then apply that to your card and determine your score using Stableford scoring matrix.

The Ol’Pals 2-Man – Saturday July 29th at 7:30am
Grab a friend and join in on the fun of the Ol’ Pal 2-Man.  You will play two 9-hole rounds with your Ol’ Friend.  Round-1 is
the alternate shot while Round-2 is a best position.  The total score of both rounds will determine who wins this event.

The Tough Luck Tourney – Saturday August 12th at 7:30am
Have you ever had a day when your driver was a little off?  Well, thats where we got the name “Tough Luck” from.  Here you
will experience the misfortune of those errant drives with some unique and awkward approach shots.  If your short-game isn’t
on today, you could be in for a large number.

The 1-Club Championship – Saturday September 16th at 7:30am
A marquee event in the “Hunt Cup.”  It is was it is, you get 1-club + your putter.  At the end of the morning, you just might just ask why you lug around all those extra clubs for.  Regulars have been know to prepare for weeks just for this one event!

The Cross-Country 2-Man – Saturday October 7th at 8am
The season finale…So saddle up a partner and ride’m to the barn.  Speaking of the barn, the tee shot from the maintenance
shed is always a highlight, take a shot of courage and dot mind the hecklers in the gallery.