Parent-Child League

Make mémoires this summer!

Spend some quality (1 on 1) time with the kids
$15 covers golf and cart for the pair
No skill requirements
5 matches/summer…schedule them when you want

League format of play is an Alternate Shot: Adults tee off on odd holes, kids on even.  Whiffs don’t count.
Click here for a formal Rules Sheet

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 Parent-Child League  

 Rules of Play

Format of Play: Alternate shot
Adults tee off on Odd holes…Kids on even holes

      Parents Tees                                          Grandparents Tees

Men                Yellow Tees                            Men (65 & Over)      White Tees
Women          White Tees                             Women (65 & Over)            Red
 Kids Tees

   6 & under (Boys & Girls)          Red Tees
7-9 (Girls)                                  Red Tees
7-9 (Boys) & 10-14 (Girls)        White Tees
10-14 (Boys)                                Yellow Tees


Rules of Play:  USGA Rules govern play, except where amended below by Local Rules.
Local Rules
*Winter rules are in effect…This entitles teams to improve their lie anywhere on the golf course, including the greens, players can move their ball no more than a scorecards length and no nearer the hole. Should a teams ball come to rest in an area of the course that is bare of grass, the ball can be moved to the nearest point with grass, even if that area is more than a scorecard from where their ball was.
*The deep grass (No-Mow)…is treated as an environmental area. This entitles teams whom hit their ball in the No-Mow to a free drop with no penalty. Teams whom hit there ball in the No-Mow are not required to find their ball. Relief is taken by dropping your ball no nearer the hole and no more than 2 club lenths from the point of entry. The point of entry is where the ball last crossed into the tall grass, not necessairly where the ball is found. If you ball comes to rest in the fairway, yet your swing is impeded by the tall grass, you may take said relief. If a team does find their ball in the No-Mow and wishes to hit from that spot they are allowed, However, should they no get back into the fairway they would have to play from the same spot for subsequent shots.
*Ball in Water…The water hazards at The Links are not marked. A teams ball is deemed to be in the water hazard If it touches the water within the normal boundry of the hazard. Water out of the banks of a pond would be casual water. If you are not clear, please ask assitance from fellow competitors. If your teamate hits their shot in the water, take the appropriate penalty and relief, then your playing partner hits the next shot.
*Scoring Matches…The league winners are determined by a cumulative total of the 5 rounds played for the season. The team with the lowest cumulative score will be deemed the flight champion. If there is a tie, it will be broken by the best score of the teams tied in their head-to-head match. If this does not settle the tie, then a scorecard playoff of that same match will start from the 9th hole…backwards.
*Score Cards…Please turn in scorecards immediately upon completion of your round.
*Bunkers…Play lift, clean, rake and place in all bunkers.
*Out of Bounds…Only the road on #1.

 Drop Area for Hole #4 is the Red Tee Box

Questions regarding rulings while you are playing, please contact Jeff…275-2941