Foot-Golf    ($12)

Foot-Golf is here!  The Links was the first to introduce Foot Golf to Bloomington/Normal, and the golf course will never be the same.  Foot-Golf is a combination of soccer and Foot Golf Bloomingtongolf and is played with a regulation soccer ball on the golf course.  Start off on any of the regular golf tee boxes and kick to holes specifically made for soccer balls.  The holes are set besides many of the greens with red/white pennant flags set into 21-inch diameter cups.  The object of the game is to kick your ball in the hole in the fewest number of kicks.
Foot-Golf is easy to learn and fun to play! Kids and non-golfers are welcome on the course. It takes about an hour to play all 9 holes if the course isn’t busy.  The cost is only $8/player, so its not terribly expensive and loads of Fun.  We have a lot of dads playing golf while the kids play Foot-Golf.
Where can you play Foot-Golf?
At The Links, of course.  We were the first course in Bloomington/Normal to offer Foot-Golf   Golfers will enjoy the familiarity of the course and game they know.  For non-golfers, it’s a fun, energetic sport that most anyone can play.  Everyone can enjoy some friend and family time in the beautiful surroundings and fresh air.
When can I play Foot-Golf?
The Links allows Foot-Golfers to play anytime 7 days/wk.  Golfers and Foot-Golfers share the course while experiencing their similar but quite different games.  The Links also offers groups the opportunity to reserve the course for outings, fundraisers, or block parties, and the like.  So contact The Links today to reserve your group get together.
How do I get started?
Foot-Golfers may book tee times online, over the phone, or just walk on during regular shop hours.  And don’t forget to bring your own soccer ball, each player should have his or her own ball.
What do I wear?
Tennis shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather.  Remember that most golf courses have a dress code for golfers and the same will be enforced to play Foot-Golf in their facilities.
What size ball do is use to play?
Most Foot-Golfers use the same size ball that is appropriate for their age during soccer games.
We do not rent soccer balls!
Want more information on the game, check out the sites below: